Before & After Staging Pics

Real Estate Rocks includes FREE staging as part of our listing services. What is staging? It’s preparing a house for sale. Staging helps showcase the property’s space. Staging is different from decorating. Decorating is personal. There is a formula to staging.

All Real Estate Rocks agents have their Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) designation.

Staging your home to sell can make a big difference in selling your house. We work with our sellers help to eliminate clutter, arrange furniture, and prepare a home to make a great first impression.

Real Estate Rocks also has staging inventory to help supplement the sellers existing items. We have fichus tree, art work, candles, etc. All included with our listing services.

Why is it so important? Buyers see a home the way it is, not the way it could be. Check out these photos and contact Real Estate Rocks to see how we can *wow* your potential buyers.

Before & After Staging Pics

A vacant house lacks personality. Adding furniture to a vacant room, potential buyers visually “move in.”

Clutter obscures rooms and makes a poor first impression. A room’s size is enhanced by eliminating clutter and removing furniture. A little color and art go along way!

It’s not what you have, its where you place it

Create a comfortable space and draw the buyer’s eyes towards the room’s focal points.

You’re selling space, not your personal property.

When you’re ready to sell, contact us to talk about listing your house. Let’s get your home staged to sell!

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